Pro Designer Series by Warstic®

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  • Warstic Pro Designer Series Bats are Hand Forged for Players Who Battle but don't feel the need to swing conventional looking stics. At all! Ok we admit it, these bats are PRETTY. This is us having fun with the unwritten, and written rules of how wood baseball bats should look. But rest assured these are GAME-READY wood bats made for Pro, College, Adult & High School  level players. Play with them, collect them, or give someone the best gift they ever received. All options are on the table.  Most of these are Rock Hard Sugar Maple because Maple takes the stain better and allows for these designs to happen with clean lines. We pay good $ for good wood. We don't see any point in selling various grades of wood. We offer the same quality to you online that we offer to Pro Players. We use hand selected Hard Sugar Maple or American White Ash with straight grains throughout the bat. Pro Designer Series Warstics can be customized by length and include FREE NAME ENGRAVING. Each Pro Designer Series Warstic is marked with our trademark Warstripe emblem, and Ash/Maple/Made in USA engraving.